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We are approaching a point in the “virtualization” hype-cycle where performance and delivered value will have to manifest itself in some tangible form. But before we get to that point, it will be important to understand what is meant by the term, and how it can be implemented to tangibly contribute to key corporate objectives.

Getting a better grip on the impact that virtualization can have on organizations is complicated by the fact that the term is now being applied to a growing number of elements of the enterprise infrastructure – from the back office, to the desktop, to applications. “The numerous approaches to virtualization and a cacophony of terms can leave users overwhelmed or confused,” analysts at Saugatuck Technologies

Virtualization of the IT back room has already helped enterprises simplify, consolidate, and realize new flexibility and performance in server farms, data storage, and networks. According to IDC, some 75 percent of enterprises employ virtualization technology in production processes, indicating its widespread acceptance. However, IT managers continue to feel pressure to reduce even further the costs of IT infrastructure and to increase the ROI—the value—of IT spending by expanding its use to the entire enterprise technology toolset.

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