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Software Change Management

What solutions does your customer looking for? Does solutions are specify to industry or domain or specialization? What tools and technology   are you using to enable your business? How satisfied are your customers? What is the lifetime value of a customer?

Nano InfoSoft delivers world-class deployments of on-demand technology. From concept and design through implementation and support, our technology consultants help you gain real-time visibility, automate processes and enable team collaboration.
Change Request Management Change Request Management - An Integrated & Centralized Change Management Solution
Nano InfoSoft’s change request management solutions automatically verify, approve, and archive change request requirements and development projects. With Nano InfoSoft, you can define the process of tracking all bugs and change requests. We give you a single, instantly accessible place from which you can give requestors and approvers up-to-the-minute status updates. You can also evaluate all software change requests, so you can determine if you have the right authorization, or not. This ensures you the oversight needed for internal and external compliance programs. You can link change request management to the development process and get visibility throughout the entire application lifecycle. In addition, our customers tell us that when they use Nano InfoSoft, they cut down their change-related incidents and problems, which mean both day-to-day operations and service quality can improve dramatically. Learn More

Workflow and change Management Workflow & Change Management
Nano InfoSoft automates & accelerates the workflow & change management processes. In fact, if desired, you can create workflows or custom escalation rules, via a wizard so you can deal with the most complex escalation, notification, & approval processes. Our solutions automatically verify, approve, & archive change requests, requirements, & development projects so you don’t have to. This means that you can get “any-time” updates. & since Nano InfoSoft can see all changes & workflow along the development lifecycle, you have the visibility, enforceability, & traceability necessary for internal & external compliance.  Learn More

Software Configuration Management Software Configuration Management

Nano InfoSoft automatically builds, organizes, and maintains a central inventory of all application components organized by the component’s business function—not just the directory structures. You can instantly view and access application components across projects, locations, and diverse environments in tandem with multiple projects with multiple teams. Learn More

Distribution and Release Management Distribution and Release Management
Nano InfoSoft’s automated deployment simplifies an otherwise complex or error-prone manual process. Our solutions ensure that the appropriate files are automatically deployed to the correct locations throughout the software development process, simplifying the management of highly distributed production environments even easier for you. LLearn More

Distributed Development Distributed Development - Improve Your Distributed Software Development Capabilities
With Nano InfoSoft, you get precise control of geographically distributed and outsourced development. Specific releases and modules can be created for use by distinct teams, limiting the accessibility of code to outsourced teams if necessary. Learn More

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