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Technology initiatives with either an enterprise-wide or customer-focused scope are inherently complex and effort, time, and knowledge intensive. These require specialized skills to innovate and stay abreast of latest technology trends while continually moving up the technology value chain.

For most large IT companies, outsourcing or a co-development provides a viable and stable alternative to derive higher returns and lower the overall cost of ownership and technology adoption. Some of the key benefits include:
  • Reduce and control operating costs
  • Reduce inefficiencies and increase overall productivity
  • Gain access to world-class capabilities and best practices
  • Share risks attached in deployment and maintenance of cutting edge technologies
  • Free internal resources to focus on core areas
  • Improve company focus on end customers
Handing off the complex IT skill to Nano InfoSoft would mean access to a deeper and wider range of IT skills. Nano InfoSoft can deliver better value, than the company could if it developed the application in-house.

Nano InfoSoft provides a sustainable framework for all enterprise engineering initiatives, including Software Development, Package Solution evaluation, Enterprise Application Integration, Assessment, customization and implementation of third-party software packages, Multichannel solutions, Legacy Applications and Systems Integration.

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