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Email Marketing Software

In today's multi-channel business environment, one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to market your company or product is through the use of email. Many companies struggle to effectively utilize this increasingly popular channel because they lack the right email marketing software.


Marketing automation solution can transform your email capabilities into a high-yielding sales channel. With intuitive design functionality and unparalleled flexibility, email marketing software from Nano InfoSoft provides your organization with all the tools it needs to produce personalized and effective email communications.


Because email is one of the most popular forms of communication, people's inboxes are constantly getting inundated with email. That's why it's important that your messages stand out from the rest. Nano InfoSoft's direct email marketing software provides your marketing team with everything it needs to deliver targeted and effective messages.




Email Marketing


Email can be one of the most important and powerful ways to communicate with customers—if you can deliver a meaningful message. Use our email marketing campaign software to know what products customers use, which marketing campaigns they’ve responded to, and to provide more proactive customer service interactions. Lower your cost per sale by efficiently managing email as a marketing tool across your customer base


Lead Management

Your company invests significant dollars into marketing programs designed to identify and warm prospects. That’s great, but it’s only part of the equation. A lead is only as good as its follow-up. A powerful module of Nano InfoSoft Sales™ and Nano InfoSoft Marketing™, sales lead management software helps you make the most of every lead.


Marketing is one of your company’s most critical investments. Nano InfoSoft sales lead management software helps you maximize ROI from your marketing programs by making sure you are able to organize, understand, and act upon the resulting leads. Your marketing teams needs to understand which campaigns generate the best leads, which ones track to closed sales and which ones tie to the greatest revenue. Sales reps need to know who they’re calling on and have an easy way to track leads through opportunity management and the sales cycle.

Working with the Sales Module and Marketing Module applications, lead management uses workflow to route leads to the appropriate sales rep. The sales rep can see all interaction history that the prospect previously has had with the company, resulting in personalized, on-target communication. Which is important, because often a sales rep has only one chance to open the door or find themselves closed out. With easy-to-use workflow rules, sales reps can track and route leads, organize information according to territory, size of company or other attributes, as well as redefine and prioritize leads as the sales cycle progresses.


Opportunity Management


You work hard for your leads. Make the most of every one with Nano InfoSoft opportunity management. Forecast accurately and maximize your conversion rates with this powerful module, part of the Nano InfoSoft Sales™ on demand sales force automation software. Opportunity management helps you track and capitalize on every sales opportunity in the pipeline and to easily manage the key information that helps you better predict closed business. Good opportunity management means spending your time and energy where it will really pays off. 


Chances are your top performing salespeople have learned where to spend their time and resources, and which leads are really worth their energy. Opportunity management can make the difference between making your numbers and missing the mark. Nano InfoSoft opportunity management makes salespeople of all levels more productive and better focused by providing easy tools for tracking opportunities through the sales pipeline. A

Nano InfoSoft Sales module, opportunity management supports accurate forecasting and matches prospect interests to your company’s deliverability schedule so you’ll know which commitments you can make in which quarter. Better business insight means more productive salespeople and well-managed prospects.


Opportunity management helps salespeople make the most of their time, with easy tools for sales forecasting, preparing quotes, proposals, and contracts. Pricing and workflow rules help hectic salespeople avoid mistakes. Integration with Microsoft Outlook means a familiar environment and ease of use. We know that the best sales force automation software tools mean nothing if salespeople don’t actually use them. That’s why the Nano InfoSoft Sales workspace is highly configurable to the individual needs and skills of the salesperson, so even the busiest person can be more productive from the first day.



Sales Management


Today, selling isn’t just for sales reps.  Most service organizations are now tasked with bringing in revenue—and with good reason. Customer service interactions are the best opportunity for up-selling and cross-selling. As regulations such as Do-Not-Call lists and CAN-SPAM tighten your prospecting flexibility, it’s no wonder the call center services organization is emerging as a powerful force for increasing revenue. Bottom line: you need a way to best manage all of your revenue-making opportunities—no matter where they come from

Intuitive Message Design - Direct email marketing software from Nano InfoSoft enables you to create compelling and effective emails with sales lead tracking functionality, targeted content, and opt-out mechanisms.


Attractive, compelling emails are easy to create with Nano InfoSoft. You can include personalized content, hyperlinks, graphic content, and legally-mandated opt-out mechanisms. Our hoted CRM model makes it easy to cost-effectively handle small and large volume campaigns. Manage and accurately segment mailing lists, automate delivery of newsletters and subscription-based services, or trigger email events to individuals. With email marketing campaign software, you can keep an eye on how effective your email campaigns are by tracking deliverability, open rates, and response rates.  You can also employ sales lead tracking to see how many leads ultimately result in closed deals.

On-Demand Delivery - Nano InfoSoft's email marketing campaign software takes advantage of our advanced hosting facility to ensure that your messages are delivered on a timely basis, no matter how large or how small your email campaigns are.


Flexible Mailing Task Functionality - Whether you need to send individual messages to specific customers, or a one-time message to an entire mailing list, Nano InfoSoft's email marketing campaign software supports the mailing tasks that suit your business needs.


Deliverability and Permission Management - To ensure you meet legal opt-in/opt-out requirements, Nano InfoSoft's direct email marketing software works closely with top ISPs, CAN-SPAM, and other leading industry groups to make sure that your important messages get delivered without any adverse consequences.


Performance Analytics - In order to drive a successful marketing campaign, it is essential that your marketing team have the ability to analyze campaign performance and effectiveness. Nano InfoSoft's direct email marketing software provides comprehensive reporting functionality that will enable you to uncover important trends.


Email Marketing Software and the Customer Experience


Providing your customers and prospects with personalized attention, even through marketing campaigns, can increase customer loyalty retention rates. Nano InfoSoft's email marketing campaign software can be personalized to use custom salutations, purchase records, and other information from the customer record to deliver a marketing message with a personal touch.


In addition to serving as a cost-effective marketing channel, email campaigns also provide you with the ability to solicit feedback from your customers. Nano InfoSoft's direct email marketing software can help your organization provide improved customer experiences, based on informative customer feedback.


Learn how your marketing team can benefit from Nano InfoSoft email marketing software and contact us today.

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